The life of Skapunk and the children it spawn

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This week I wanted to post something different from what I usually post. This week I wanted to post something on what SKA has became since its birth in the 50’s. Most fans of the genre SKA know that it began in Jamaica , which combined American jazz, and R&B later to become popular in the 60’s moved into England and America. In the 70’s & 80’s England & the 2 Tone SKA was born. During 1979 ska revival, which began in England, grow so fears’ that it reached Australia the most popular bands to ride the 2nd wave were bands like: Madness, The Specials, Selector and The Beat. Once the late 80’s early 90’s hit the USA & the 3rd wave the sound took a huge change. The 3rd wave brought many more genres to combine to the ska sound. Bands such as New York SKA Jazz Ensemble, Hepcat and Jazz Jamaica on the other end of the two-tone bands like NoFX, Mad Caddies, Rancid, Voodoo Glow Skull and many others. However, this is where I believe that things started to change. When the late 90’s to the new millennium came Ska took yet a new change in its sound. First of all it began to get a Rapp and Metal sound to it band like Sublime, Sloppy Seconds and Dirty Heads came from one side on the other side came Staz from bands like Left Overcrack, SFH, which began a huge new sound and bands the sound was Crackrock Steady and the bands are bands like Atrocity Solutions, No Cash and Union Jack. Today Ska has take yet another turn Angry SKA and Crust-Folk-Ska-Punk (Dumpster Music) are some of its new takes which also brings a new look, style of living and group of individuals called Crusts. This new change has brought a folk music sound and look to metal, rap, punk and ska with bands like Robber’s Roost, Days n’ Daze and Night Gaunts and Where is My Dinner. These bands mostly use Facebook and BandCamp to promote and distribute their music going with a D.I.Y. rather than a major label. I do hope I got everything if you all have anything comments or other bands or sounds you all think I left out please leave comments below.


infographic I created to go with my idea.
infographic I created to go with my idea.

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